Friday, February 17, 2017

The Participation in the anti-Nahum Goldman Demo

From Yisrael Medad

In January 1967, at the Actions Committee of the WZO meeting in Jerusalem, I participated, while on Machion, in a demonstration against Nahum Goldman's stand on passivity on the question of Soviet Jewry and Germany.

We rolled up banners of 30 feet long around our chests to get them in.

The Prime Minister, Mr. Levi Eshkol, in his speech stressed the powerful ties existing between the State of Israel and the Jewish people in all lands of their dispersion, underlining the close cooperation between the Government and the Zionist Executive...He sent fraternal greetings to the Jews of Soviet Russia, expressing the hope that in view of the statement of the Russian Premier regarding the re-union of families, immigration from that country would increase.

When Dr. Nachum Goldmann, President of the World Zionist Organization, rose to speak, a group of young persons bearing slogans demonstrated against him and against his stand on the problems of ties with Germany. 

We were about a dozen: Israelis, Canadians, a French Betari and me.

I was kicked in the back by a Mapainik.

We were escorted out with no further police charges. 

It was a hit, however, back at Machon both negatively with the administration (David Brodsky gave a half-hearted dressing-down talk) and with the other Machoniks.

From Davar:


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