Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The Annual Post-Commemoration Get-together

As is our custom, North American Betarim pay respect to two Betar North America graduates who fell during their service in the Israel Defense Forces: Eli Solomon and Chuck (Haim) Hornstein (Haran).

And afterwards, Reuven and Yehudit Miller host a get-together and their home in Jerusalem.



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Anonymous said...

Hi, do you know the names of some of the participants in those photos?
Somehow, I never see or ever hear the names of my Betar crowd (1946-1949) including Moshe Arens (Netziv Betar in my day), Dave and Miriam Krakow, (Dave was in the Netziviut), Motel Kreiner z"l, Morty Dolinsky z"l, Lee Melis, Bernard Troy (Troyansky in those days), Marty Sicker, Marvin Krakow z"l. Jack Albalah,( Elitzur z"l, after Misha our next Netziv Betar.) Rita Gordon (later Kraushar), Zvi and Shmuel Kraushar, I can go on and on..but I think you've got the idea of my Betar days. Lynn Sharon,( in those days, - Roslyn Leader. )