Saturday, March 3, 2018

Anti-Arafat at UN Demo

This took place on November 11, 1974 at the United Nations when Betar demonstrated against the appearance of Yassir Arafat there to speak

Barry Liben is doing the tossing.

Gary Segal is to the right of Barry.

I think Evan Bachner is to the left. (see below)

Any additional details will be added below.


Lawrence Chariton adds:

Barry is in middle. Gary to his right. Udi Weinstein next to Barry. Larry Chariton next to Udi with Afro. On the other side is Steve Pearl. In between Gary Siegal and Steve Pearl is Dov Fisch. In jail, Udi Weinstein was dosing off I asked him why does he sleep with his glasses and he said he likes to see his dreams clearly.

Jonathan Friedman adds:

Next to Peter [Udi Weinstein] is Alan Laytner. 

Shari Olenberg Nitzan adds that she was there too, with Stuie Shilitz.

Robert Glick adds that he was approaching the demo from 48th St., he thinks, and came upon a group of Arabs. As he got closer, the NYPD knocked him down and put him under arrest as he had a lead pipe in a bag he was carrying. This arrest was reported by WCBS evening news at 6 . Also The NY Time reported these events the next day.  He spent the night in The Tombs and as JDL guys were arrested, Bert Zweibon took car of his legal needs as well.

Hanoch Young adds these three pics with comments:

This was the far end of the line - mine is the closed fist at the end, the open hand next to mine is none other then Gershon Green!
 The pic is of Steve Thomashaw (sp?) - I think this was the only Betar demo he participated in
This was an AP photo, with me handcuffed to Steve Rombom (after cutting our handcuffs off, the NYPD handcuffed us in pairs)


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